Duolingo: The Antithesis to the Bazaar

Deep dive on Duolingo

New post ✨: Duolingo, talking about their product, growth and everything else

TL;DR in this twitter thread 🐦:

I’ve been working on this essay for the past few weeks, and I think it’ll have something interesting for everyone! I talk about everything that’s publicly known about Doulingo (the product and the company) and theorise about their growth, retention, competition etc. etc. Hit me up if you have any feedback!


Random assortment of things I’ve enjoyed, worked on, or generally been into recently:

The Art of Guweiz: Great art, nice coffee table book and a cool note on Guweiz’s journey in art.

WordLines: I worked on a mobile zero-knowledge game on Ethereum recently, self recommending.

Flying: I’ve been working on a private pilot license recently, and I recommend it quite highly: more affordable and more fun than I expected but also harder than I expected.

Here’s a picture from a recent flight to entice you:

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UCSD: I recently decided to go back to university (after working at a startup for > 1 year) and am back at UC San Diego now. I have a lot of thoughts on this that I might share widely on a later date, but for now, this is just book-keeping on my personal self here.

That’s all for now, hit me up if you’re interested in any of these :)